Our Charism

God sent his Son Jesus Christ on earth to proclaim divine message and to establish God’s Kingdom. Christ sent his Church for the same purpose. In order to take part in the mission of Christ and his Church, our Congregation received a special vocation. The particular purpose of this Congregation is to commit to the unconditional and joyful service towards Christ and his mission, specially the children, girls and boys and women, the poor and the sick by imitating the example of Mary Queen of Apostles. The founder and co-founderess had experienced the incarnate God, a God who loved the world that gave up his life for men so that men will have eternal life (1 Jn 4: 9, 10) and they were motivated in total commitment to bring about the reign of God here on earth. They responded to the needs they detected among the people of Bangladesh and responded to their social and spiritual needs. They rendered their love for God into love towards brothers and sisters, specially the most neglected and poor in the rural areas of the Archdiocese of Dhaka in Bangladesh where Hindus, Muslims, and Christians live together. Education and nursing care to children, boys and girls, and women through the means of schools, orphanages is the practical expression of their Charism.