Our Mission

The call and authenticity of the mission of SMRA Sisters originates from the Holy Spirit. According to the apostolic exhortation Vita Consecrate, consecrated life is the continuation  of the mission of Jesus.The mission of SMRA Congregation is to render unconditional and joyful cooperation in the mission of Christ and his Church.  Children, youth, women, the distressed and the sick, orphans and the poor receive the first priority in our mission. Jesus and Mary Queen of Apostles are the models and inspiration in our missionary life and activities.  Being obedient to the mandate of Christ, the Sisters take part in the mission of the Church. They are consecrated persons who follow Christ on the path of evangelical counsels and intend to go where Christ went and to do what he did. In their mission apostolate they intend to take the same role as Mary who had assumed the role of accompanying, sharing and cooperating in the mission of Jesus and his apostles.The call and authenticity of their mission has originated from the mission of local Church. Therefore, they are always attentive to the life and mission of the Church and response to its needs by cooperating with the bishops, clergy, laity and other religious brothers and sisters of the local Church.  Education and formation, nursing care and Medicare are the main apostolate of SMRA Congregation. Children, youth and women are given special importance. Religious and moral education are provided through the temporal means of schools, hostels, and orphanage. They  follow Christ, who was himself a healer through the ministry of healing.. Mother and child care are given special importance through the means of maternities, hospitals and dispensaries. They intend to take part in the suffering of people as Mary did in her suffering Son.