The children of the country will bring salvation to the motherland

Those who, in their fervent love and affection, have formed this indigenous association called the Queen Mary's Companion of the Apostles in the bosom of the Bengali mother, and we have had the opportunity to grow up, are our founders, the Reverend Bishop Timothy John Crowley, CSC, Co-Founder . They were both members of the Holy Cross community.

1933: After the community's journey began, on August 17, 1936, we lost our co-founder, Mother, and on October 2, 1945, we lost our founding father. Bishop Lawrence L. Grenner, the successor to the late Bishop Crowley, the CSC and other clergymen are carrying out their duties towards the association.  At that time the Holy Cross assisted Father Dominic Sisters as their spiritual director.

Sister Francilia is always in charge of the new Sisters under the management of Sister Marie Estelle. And in this way the other sisters have helped in many ways to build this new association. In other words, from the birth of the association, this SMRA association has been responsible in collaboration with the Holy Cross Sisters.
Sister Margaret Sheel, in particular, described the history of this SMRA association in CSC 2014 in a very nice way. In this way we can learn more about ourselves and how sweet their presentation about us is in his writing. So I am talking to Sister Mary Mitali, the SMRA sister, directly on the phone and trying to get her permission from the net directly in the history of the SMRA website. We are very happy to receive this article from Family Sister at SMR.

 We, the SMRA sisters, are extremely grateful to Sister Margaret Sheel. We pray that God will grant this beloved nurse a long, meditative, active life and good health. Here is a summary of the development of the SMRA Association with the permission of Reverend Sister Margaret Sheel, CSC.

founders birth Death
* Bishop John ​Timathi Crowley C, S, C (Founder of the Association)
16/01/1880 02/10/1945
*Sister Mary Rose Bernard C, S, C (Co-founder)
26/10/1894 16/08/1938

Associates of Mary Queen of the Apostles ( SMRA)
Popularly known as “SMRA Sisters”

Name First Prof Final Prof
Sr. Mary Bernard 06.01.49 06.01.55
2 Sr. Mary Lilian 06.01.51 06.01.57
Sr. Mary Michael 06.01.54 06.01.60
4 Sr. Mary Teresa 06.01.54 06.01.60
5 Sr. Mary Helen 06.01.55 06.01.61
6 Sr. Mary Ashalata 06.01.58 06.01.64
7 Sr. Mary Profulla 06.01.59 06.01.65
8 Sr. Mary Priti 06.01.59 06.01.65
9 Sr. Mary Supriya 06.01.62 06.01.68
10 Sr. Mary progga 06.01.63 06.01.69
Sr. Mary Barta 06.01.63 06.01.69
12 Sr. Mary Pijus 06.01.65 06.01.71
Sr. Mary Binita 06.01.65 06.01.71
Sr. Mary Christodashi 06.01.65 06.01.71

Eternal Sisters of Immortality

As the lifespan of the association increased, the sisters began to age. The best chapter of life is spent in the service of God and human beings by pouring one's heart and soul into the vine of the Lord.That part of the prayer to be done before going to bed every night during the life of a monk-

O Lord, my life is drawing to a close I beseech Thee be my helper. O Lord, the moment I say goodbye to this world forever - in that very moment I can wait for you with a burning lamp in my hand.Then I will be worthy of your eternal reward. Those who have made this prayer a reality in their lives are the ones who have not.

 List of Dead Sisters of the Apostles Queen Maria Sangini Sangha:Plans