The tenure of the union workers and the continuity of the union.

Continuous administrative description of the growing contingent
The visionary and prudent board of directors is at the heart of building a solid foundation for the smooth running of any organization, large or small. The board of directors of SMRA is divided into two parts

The One Part :
From 1933 to 1952, under the supervision of Holy Cross Sisters, the association spent its childhood and adolescence. Timothy Crowley, Bishop of Dhaka Dharmapradesh, was the founder and chief patron of the CSC at this time. When he died in 1994, his successor, Bishop Lawrence L. Grener, took over the helm of the CSC.

Superior General :

1933 -38 Sister Mary Rose Bernard, CSC.
1939-52 AD Sister Augustine Mary, CSC.

Novice Mistress Were : 

1933-38 AD Sister Mary Rose Bernard, CSC.
1941-42 AD Sister Marie Vianni, CSC.
1943-45 AD Sister Elvisius, CSC.
1946 Sister Canisius, CSC.
1947-51 Sister Marie Vianni, CSC.The second part:

The second part :

In 1952 the administrative power of the association was transferred. Since then, the sisters of Queen Maria's companion association have been running the association themselves.

The main patron of the association:

1952-65 AD Archbishop Lawrence L. Grener, Sr .Sc.

1966-77 AD Archbishop Theotonius Amal Ganguly, CSC.

1978  -2005 Archbishop Michael Rozario.

Superior General:
Sister Mary Agnes (d. 1952-59) - nominated by Archbishop Lawrence Graner.

Sister: Inmaculata, Sister. Ignatius. Sister: Clare and Sister: Xavier.

It took a long time for the Sisters to organize the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of the organization.
But so far some issues, such as the constitution, rules, rules and customs of the Union have not been compiled. Archbishop Graner felt that it was time to convene a general assembly for the union.

First General Assembly :
The first General Assembly of the Union was convened on 7 January 1960. For the first time in this General Assembly, Union Superior General and Councillor were elected.
Mother Mary Agnes, SMRA (Term 1960-62)
The ministers are:Sr . Mary Inmaculata, Sr .Ignatius  Sr .Clare  and Sr. Joseph.

Second General Assembly :
January 7, 1963 Be elected to this meeting-
Mother Mary Agnes, SMRA (Term 1963-68)
Ministers ঃ Ministers remain unchanged.

Third General Assembly :
January 4, 1969 Be elected to this meeting -
Sister Mary Petra, SMRA (Term 1969-)
The ministers are: Sr . George, Sr . Marie Seline, Sr . Marilyn and Sr . Emmanuel.
December 16, 1969: Nominated by Archbishop Theotonius Gangoli, CSC.

Sister Marilyn (term 1970)

The ministers were elected by referendum on 11 January 1971 at the behest of Archbishop Theotonious Amal Ganguly.
Sister Mary Marilyn, SMRA (Term 1971-76)
Ministers: Teresa, Emmanuel, Philomena and Monica.

Fourth General Assembly :
January 8, 1977 Elected to this General Assembly-
Sister Mary Teresa, SMRA (Term 1977-82)
The ministers are: Sr . Petra, Sr . Marilyn, Mother Mary Agnes and Sr . Philomena.

Fifth General Assembly :
January 7, 1983 Elected to this General Assembly
Sister Mary Teresa, SMRA (Term-1983-88)
The ministers are: Petra, Marilyn, Mother Mary Agnes and Ruth.

Sixth General Assembly :
January 7, 1989 Elected to this General Assembly
Sister Mary Priti, SMRA (Term-1989-94)
The ministers are: Sisters Teresa, Progga, Pijus,Philomina (nominated)

Seventh General Assembly :
Elected on 9 February 1995 in accordance with the new constitution.
Sister Mary Priti, S, M, R, A (Term 1995 to 1998)
Ministers: Sr.. Progga, Sr. Shanta, Sr. Dipti, Sr. Anita, (Elected)
            Ssr. Jyoti and Sr. Binita (nominated)

8th General Assembly :
January 7, 1999 Elected to this General Assembly-
Sister Mary Dipti, SMRA (Term 1999-02)
Ministers: Shanta, Minoti, Sr.Jyoti and Anita, (Elected)

Srs. Philomena and Binita (nominated)

Ninth General Assembly :
January 7, 2003 Elected to this General Assembly-
Sister Mary Dipti, SMRA (term- 2003-06)
Ministers: Minoti, Shikha, Arpita and Pijus(Elected)

 Sisters Bijoya and Ashish (nominated)

Another important aspect of the association is the formation of Sisters in the Novitiate Starting from the second chapter of the Congregation,

 the various Sisters who have helped and contributed in various ways in the formation of the new ones with their intellect, consideration, intellect and ideals are :

  1. 1952 - Mary Agnes.
  2. 1952 (Oct) - 1959 AD:Sr.  Mary Inmaculata, SMRA. 
  3. 1960-1970 AD:Sr. Mary Marilyn, SMRA.
  4. 1970-1976 AD:Sr.  Serie Tereza, SMRA. 
  5. 1977-1988 ADSr : Mary Preeti, SMRA. 
  6. 1989-2000 AD:Sr. Mary Anita, SMRA.
  7. 2001-2007 Sr. Mary Bijoya, SMRA. 
  8. 2008-2013 Sr. Mary Clotilda, SMRA. 
  9. 2014 - 2019 Sr.Mary Lily, SMRA. 
  10. 2020-- Sr.Mary Sandra, SMRA.

10 th General Assembly:
January 7, 2007 Elected to this General Assembly-
Sister Mary Anita, S, M, R, A (Term 2007 to 2010)
Ministers: Shanta, Dipti, Shikha, Arpita (elected)
Srs. Philomina, Florence (nominated)

11 th General Assembly:
January 7, 2011 Elected to this General Assembly-
Sister Mary Anita, S, M, R, A (Term 2011 to 2014)
Ministers: Minoti, Shanta, Dipti, Shubhra (elected)
             Srs. Anima, Mr. Dipa (nominated)

12 th General Assembly :
January 7, 2015 Elected to this General Assembly-
Sister Mary Minoti, S, M, R, A (Term 2015 to 2018)
Ministers: Shubhra, Shikha, Bijoya, Lily (elected)
            Srs . Arpita, Leoba (nominated)

13 th General Assembly :
January 7, 2019 Elected to this General Assembly-
Sister Mary Minoti, S, M, R, A (Term 2019 to 2022)
Ministers: Sr . Shikha,Sr . Dipti, Sr . Lily, Sr . Bijoya (elected)
Srs. Henrieta, Chameli (nominated)

14 th General Assembly :
December 10-15, 2022 Elected to this General Assembly-
Sister Mary Shubhra, (Superior General) S, M, R, A (Time 2023 to 2026)
Ministers: Sr . Henrieta ,Sr . Chameli, Sr . Suprity, Sr . Christina (elected)
Srs. Nomita, Shandra (nominated)