ST Marys Catholic Nursing Institute.

Sister Mary Minoti.SMRA Superior Generel (2015 - 2022)
(1st Chairperson)

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 Our ​Vision and Mission

# The Vision of the St. Mary’s Catholic Nursing Institute.
  1. Preparing professional nurses and qualified manpower with modern technological knowledge and skill and provide advanced health service. 
  2. Developing the professional skills by getting nursing training of the helpless, marginalized and poor young girls who are left behind in the rural area. Thus empower them by providing opportunity for higher study and get employment job, earn money and secure a happy family life.  
  3. Exporting skillful nurses as Bangladeshi manpower to foreign country and earns foreign currency and increase national income according to the plan of Govt. Healthcare Policy.  
  4. Enabling to meet the necessity of better health service to all men, women and children by protecting the Govt. B.N.M.C. Rules of Healthcare inside and outside the country.   
  5. Making available health service to rural villages and thus rehabilitate the sick persons by prevention and healing of their sickness and make able to live model life. 
  6. Providing moral values and psychological education and secure healthy human- social life.
  7.  Cooperation to prevent mother-child death and secure a long term family life.
# Mission of the St. Mary’s Catholic Nursing Institute.

—After completing the nursing training the nurses will be enabled to fulfill the following activities in the society and country:
  1. Cooperate with the health workers in their profession of healthcare service. 
  2. Take care of their own health or patients according to their need in the hospitals, clinics society or at home. 
  3. Provide development, preventive, healing, and rehabilitative nursing care towards the individual person, families and ethnic societies.
  4. Giving training on health care to the health workers for socio-economic development.
  5. As a worthy citizen will materialized the national healthcare policy of Bangladesh Govt.
  6. Take part in rehabilitation service in natural calamities of the country.
St. Mary's Catholic Nursing Institute.

1720 Toomiliah, Kaliganj,Gazipur,Dhaka,Bangladesh.