Message from the First Chairperson

The health care services had been started very humble way in a tin-shed dispensary at Toomiliah by SMRA Sisters’ in 1933. It was the dream of the founder, Bishop Timothy John Crowley, csc that one day there will be a Hospital for the poor rural infirm people especially for women and children. At last the dream has come true and expanding step by step. Establishing St. Mary’s Catholic Nursing Institute at Toomiliah, Kaligonj, Gazipur is another adventure of the SMRA Congregation.

The scarcity of dedicated, qualified and skilled Nurses is all over the world.  Our Vision is to prepare professional nurses and qualified manpower with modern technological knowledge and skill and provides advanced health service. Our mission is developing the professional skills by getting nursing training of the helpless, marginalized and poor young girls who are left behind in the rural area. Thus empower them by providing opportunity for higher study and get job, earn money and secure a happy family life.

Here I take opportunity in conveying my heartiest thanks to all the members of SMRA Congregation for their untiring support. My special thanks to all who worked hard to obtain Government approval for launching and running the course in St. Mary’s Catholic Nursing Institute.

I am proud of having our own qualified and experienced Sisters: Principal, lecturers and staff and their innovative thinking skill, love for the students and hard work for their bright future.  I admire and congratulate them for their initiatives.

My best wishes to the students who have taken admission in this Institute. I believe they will get quality education, favorable study atmosphere and inspirational motivation to be committed and diligent health-worker which will help them to fully realize this noble profession.

May God bless us all to work diligently with confidence and courage to fulfill our Vision and Mission.


Sister Mary Minoti, SMRA

Superior General of SMRA Congregation

Mob. No. 01716-231865

Emil : [email protected]