Massage from the First Principal

Massage from the First Principal

Of St. Mary’s Catholic Nursing Institute


Preritgoner Rani Mariar Sangini Sangha was started on March 5, 1933 in the heart of Tumilia Dharmapalli in Dhaka Dharmapradesh with 8 candidates. Since the inception of the association, education and health care have been the two main initiatives. Most Rev. Bishop Timothy John Crowley, CSC, who the founder of the Congregation, was touches the heart for the plight of rural poor women deprived of education and health care. Reverend Sister Rose Bernard, CSC Co-host of the Bishop’s Association, played a strong role in the association. Out of 6 sisters in the first group, 5 have served as skilled nurses.


With the change of age, various General Assemblies of the Union proposed to introduce Diploma Course in Nursing in order to empower women in the needs of our congregations and as well as the Church of Bangladesh. The “St. Mary’s Catholic Nursing Institute” has been established in the heart of Tumilia last November, 2021 with the adoption of a joint resolution at the 13th General Assembly of the Union. Another dream has come true in Tumilia with 35 students of the first group in the newly approved Nursing Institute for the academic year 2020-2021. At present the second batch admission process is going on in 2021-2022 academic year.


      I feel fortunate to have the courage to take on the responsibility of being the first principal in God’s reliance on the Lord’s plan and association. We, the sisters of the Associates of Mary Queen of the Apostles, are happy and proud of the realization of this dream. The same glory is for the Church of Bangladesh because we as a native association are working for the salvation of the Motherland. “Praise and thank the Lord. I am grateful to the General Superior of the Congregation, Sister Mary Minoti, SMRA and her Councilors. Although I am unworthy, God has made me worthy. Strengthen me, the three-person Supreme God. Sincere gratitude and thanks to all the helpful friends for their financial and spiritual help and advice. Many thanks to the authorities, the support of the faculty, the blessings of all the sisters, prayers and donations. That is why Queen Ma-Maria wants to say, “My soul rejoices in the victory of the Lord.”


Sister Mary Deepa, SMRA Principal

St. Mary’s Catholic Nursing Institute.Tumilia, Kaliganj, Gazipur
Mobile: 017465175 ; E-mail: [email protected]
Date: 18/7/2022
Selfless love – respect – joyful service