Background of St Mary’s Nursing Institute

Background of St Mary’s Nursing Institute

A long-cherished dream:

The main dream of the founder and the co-founder of the SMRA Congregation was to serve the rural poor, needy and marginalized people through health care and education. With this strong and faithful consent Sister Rose Bernard, the co-founder was determined to train sisters with both the angle specially nursing care. So she took a challenging and vital role to train up five among six sisters from India. Besides, she starts a Dispensary in 1933 in a tin-shed room at Toomiliah. Within a short period five Nurse Sisters came back and started to serve the rural, poor people specially the children, youth and women.

By the grace and love of God three SMRA  Doctors and a quite a number of trained Nurses are serving in our own small Hospital in Toomiliah and all over the remote area of Bangladesh. A good number of sisters are already trained up to M.Ph. and M.Sc.those who are serving in different Nursing schools. So in 2006, the 10th Chapter of the Congregation had a strong recommendation to start a nursing Institute to train up rustic, helpless and marginalized needy youths for their better and dedicated life specially those who are very much eager to serve the sick, deprived and underprivileged people and did not get chance in the Public Nursing Institute /School. The authority of the Congregation and all the members were very much concerned in these special services. After a long period through 11th and 12th Chapters pass away with the same view. So after 13th Chapter the appropriate time came to buy a small plot of land nearby St. Mary’s Girls’ School and College to establish St Mary’s Catholic Nursing Institute. After a lot of suffering newly approved Nursing Institute started for the academic year 2020-2021 with 35 students, with the help of St. Mary’s Girls’ School and Collage by using their premises. We are very much happy that now we are going to fulfill our strong dream.

Present Situation:

Construction is going on for pre-planned institution. Really it is very hard for us to move fast because the source of money is very limited for this huge work. There are some donors who came for partial help in this purpose. Hence, with their help we are going to complete the ground floor of the building. We are very much hopeful that many donors will come forward to fulfill our target very soon.

On the other hand we already completed the academic year, 2020-2021 course and students are waiting for the public exam. Beside that we are preparing to start the 2nd batch academic year 2021-2022 students those who will start their 1st year classes.

Most of our teachers are our own Doctors and Nurses. So, we hope that  in the same way we are able to start 3rd year as well as 3rd batch. Process is going on and it will continue more smoothly. So I am very much grateful to almighty God and all the well wishers, donors and specially those who had given permission to start the courses in our own Institute. Besides our entire educational Institute we have Nursing Institute and we are very much happy and proud of that. It is one of the great successes for our limited personnel and income source. We, the whole Congregation sacrificed a lot to fulfill our long term dream. So it is a great success to move forward in future.

Future Plan:

We are very much eager and hopeful that within a short period we will be able to transform the Institute into  a Nursing College. Step by step we will be able to start B.Sc. as well as M.Sc. Nursing Courses within a short future. The administrative body with the help of our medical persons will be able to come forward to fulfill the future plan within a short time. All the members of Congregation and well wishers will be happy and eager for any kind of support. Hoping to see the final success.


The poor, disadvantaged and marginalized people are very much happy that they will be benefited through this Institute by getting Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery and precisely it will help them for their better life to develop their family and future.

Sister Mary Dipti, SMRA, Former Superior General &
One of the Councilor of Administrative Present Body, Chapter 13th  (2019-2022) 

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