Bottomley Home Orphanage, Holy Rosary Convent

Bottomley Home Orphanage, Holy Rosary Convent


Holy Rosary Convent  : In 1946 the foundation of Holy Rosary Convent was laid down by the Holy Cross Sisters to fulfill the main purpose to serve the orphanage children. From 1946 to 2020 SMRA Sisters have been living in this convent. At present nine Sisters are living here and involved in the service of orphanage children. There are four institutions belong to SMRA Congregation. All these institutions are run by SMRA Sisters.

1) Holy Rosary Convent

2) Bottomley Home Orphanage

3) Bottomeley Home Girls’ High School

4) Bottomley Home Kinder Garten School


Apostolate : SMRA Sisters are fully involved in teaching and orphanage ministry. Five Sisters are engaged in the school and three are involved in orphanage. Sisters also give service in the parish pastoral ministry: in liturgy, family ministry, YCS, Altar Girls, Shishu Mongol etc. Sisters work by the guidance and mutual cooperation with Tejgaon Holy Rosary Parish.

Besides these, throughout the past few years four institutions have been founded:

  • Technical School (Holy Cross Brothers)
  • Disabled House (Holy Cross Sisters): One Holy Cross Sister is taking care of that center.
  • Missionaries of Charity Convent : In the year 2019 Archdiocese has shifted MC Sisters inside Bottomley Home.
  • Jagoroni Handicrafts Training Center : In 2019 Jagoroni Handicrafts Training Center has been made into St. John Viannie Catholic Hospital by the Archdiocese of Dhaka and Jagoroni Handicrafts Training Center has been shifted inside Bottomley Home .Two Sisters and disabled girls and workers stay there in a separate house.

Historical Development of the Orphanage :Bottomley Home Sisters convent, Orphanage and High School is located at Tejgaon, Tejkunipara, Dhaka. After the World War II, the VC of Dhaka University and the Governor of Bengal Mr. Bottomley allocated a piece of land to shelter the orphan children. The Holy Cross and later SMRA Sisters came forward to serve the orphan children. The Holy Cross Sisters were carrying out the responsibility from 1946-1972. In 1972 the Holy Cross Sisters handed over to SMRA Sisters for serving in the school as well as the orphanage. Dhaka Archdiocese is the owner of the land and properties. From 1972 until now the SMRA Sisters have been serving in this institution.