SMRA Novitiate: Christo Sadhana Griha.

SMRA Novitiate: Christo Sadhana Griha.

Historical Development: The SMRA Congregation was born on March 5, 1933 with eight young girls at Toomilia. The Founder Father Most Rev. Timothy Crowley used the catechist training center as Novitiate founded for the Congregation. The name was ‘St. Mary’s Novitiate’. The novitiate was started in 1942 after the approval of the Congregation by the Holy See. The Sisters and novices had been staying in the same house till 1997, except the years from 1946- 1952 in Panjora Convent.

Sisters felt an urgent need to separate the novitiate from Mother House. Accordingly, Sisters purchased a piece of land in Daripara by financial help of donors with great concern and recommendation of Most Rev. Archbishop Michael Rozario. Sisters built a two storied building. After completion the novitiate shifted to Daripara in 1997. The new name is ‘Christo SadhanaGriha’. In the later days the land has been extended step by step purchasing from different persons.

Three Sisters serve the Novices and Postulants :

  1. Novice Mistress
  2. The Assistant Novice Mistress (Postulant Mistress)
  3. The one more Sister for house maintenance.


Pastoral Ministry :The novices visit families, pray with the sick and teach catechism to children and help in parish liturgy and alter service.  Sisters also gives some volunteer service towards the people by taking care of Monica Songha, Catechism classes before taking Sacraments of Confirmation, visit families and help them morally to live a happy family life.