Maria Health Care Centre, Srimongal

Maria Health Care Centre, Srimongal

On Friday, February 19, 2010, C: Ashalta and Sister Debashis came to the Srimangal Mission with Sister Annie. Father Michael Sarkar, welcomed the CSC sisters. After lunch, Sister Annie first opened the lock and entered the new ashram, the Maria Service Center. From then on the beginning of our ashram. Every Father Sister here cooperates with us.

So far we have eaten with the fathers. Then the cooking started in the house from Monday 22nd February. The kitchen was downstairs then and there was no co-current. But slowly Father arranged for the current. A few days later, Sister Debashis explained everything and moved to Dhaka.

C: Obscenity C: Helps Annie. Shraddheya C: General (Sister Mary Anita, SMRA) came to Srimangal for the first time with C: Chameli in March and explained the responsibility of everything to C: Chameli. C: Chameli and C: Annie continue to perform their duties with devotion. March, 2010, Archbishop Paulinus Costa, d. D. Sir and Father Litu came to Srimangal for the first time with maternity equipment and explained the essentials of the clinic to the sisters.

First our service started with the boys and girls of the hostel. At first they are treated without money. This goes on for some time. Sisters also started giving classes on health issues during the monthly master meetings. Gradually health seminars were also given in the capitals. Thus, the activities of the hospital gradually increased.

Sister Chameli and C. Benedicta talked to the bishop and arranged for a doctor and pathologist. Sister Chameli moved from Srimangal to Dhaka. Then C. Sudha came to Srimangal with C. Annie with new responsibilities and continued to work with much joy and enthusiasm. Meanwhile Sister Annie began working on pathology training. In the first case, the doctor’s salary was paid by Father Dominic. C: Sudha moved to Dhaka after working for a few days. Then C: Anita came forward in the service with C: Annie.

2015 AD: Suniti goes to Srimangal with new responsibilities as House Superior. Tian also became very sincere and helped the sisters to further their work. He tried to make the lives of the sisters more prayerful and joyful in many ways.After that C: ANT worked for a few days and moved to Dhaka and C: Itu went there to help them. Gradually the number of patients in the hospital continues to increase.Here is the first delivery and the first delivery is when a daughter is born. Her name is Kathy.

Sister Annie was transferred in 2016. C: Sebastina and C: Luiz go to the Srimang Ashram to give their generous service.
Like the Nanyas, they also devote themselves to the care of the patients. From time to time they also go to different capitals and serve the sick. The sisters, along with the parish fathers, traveled to distant capitals and assisted in various festivities.

Gradually the hospital continues to improve and patients are seen every day. Delivery is done, tests are done and patients suffering from various diseases are admitted here. Thus, in 2020, C: Suniti changed and moved to Dhaka. Every day except Friday the doctor comes and sees the patient. Gradually, the service of nurse sisters began to spread among the devotees here. In 2021, C: Sebastian was transferred to Dhaka. C: Jasinta came to the ashram with the new responsibility of the ashram director. He also extends his hand of service to the sick, afflicted, miserable brothers and sisters.

Patients come to our Srimangal Hospital from garden and capital to get more services. At present Hindus and Muslims are also receiving our services. The quality of our service is improving day by day. People are happy to receive our services. May Almighty God grant our sisters a healthy and beautiful mind. So that they can understand the plight of helpless brothers and sisters, be kind to them and be by their side.