Mathbari St. Monica’s Convent

Mathbari St. Monica’s Convent

Historical Development :In 1925 the Catholic Church of Mathbari was founded by the Bishop of Mailapur. During that time the Sisters from Panjora came to Mathbari for pastoral care of the people. In 1961, Most Rev. Archbishop Grainer, csc founded the convent for the Sisters and named it St. Monica’a Convent. The SMRA Sisters were sent there by the Archbishop of Dhaka in January 8, in the same year. Rev. Fr. Bergmann, csc was the parish priest at that time. From that time the SMRA Sisters have been working at Mathbari. The Junior High School was founded in 1968 and from that time one Sister had been teaching in the Junior High School and one in the Gov. Primary School. Later Sisters could not continue teaching in the primary school due to Govt. policy. The Junior High School was promoted into High School in 1973 and the school was entrusted to SMRA Sisters in 2007. In 2013 Most Rev. Paulinus Costa built the hostel and founded the Mathbari Girls’ Hostel. It was handed over to the SMRA Sisters in 2015.


Apostolate :  There are six Sisters in Mathbari and they are involved in the following    apostolate:

1.      Teaching :At present four Sisters are serving in the High School.

2.      Dispensary  :Two Sisters give nursing care to the sick, pregnant mother, child and poor people in the dispensary.

3.      Girls’ Hostel :Two Sisters serve the young girls in the hostel. 

4.      Pastoral Ministry :The Sisters give moral and spiritual formation to the girls and women through YCS, Shishu Mongol Songha, catechism, and Marian SenaSongha. They visit villages and do family ministry.