Mary House, Tejgaon, Generalate

Mary House, Tejgaon, Generalate

Historical  Development : Mary House is our 5th convent located in Tejgaon, Dhaka -1215. The SMRA Congregation was founded in the village and four convents were founded in nearby places like Toomilia, Panjora, Rangamatia, Mathbari. There was no convent in Dhaka city. At that time the Sisters had to come to the city frequently for different purposes. They did not have places to stay overnight. They felt an urgent need for a convent in Dhaka city. Hence with fatherly affection and concern Most Rev. Archbishop Graner, csc was looking for a land to build a house for the Sisters. Finally he was able to rent an old house which belonged to a Hindu family. After some renovation three Sisters started to live on 6 January, 1953 and named it “Mary House”. Afterwards Archbishop Graner bought this house in 1965 and gave to the SMRA Sisters.

The 1stGeneralate building was constructed in 1975 by the SMRA Sisters. Out of love and generosity Most Rev. Archbishop AmalGanguly, csc helped raising fund from the donors. In 1980 the new chapel was built by the financial help of Rev. Fr. Edmond Gedert’s parents.

Gradually the number of Sisters increased in this house throughout the years. Mary House was not able to accommodate the Sisters. Therefore, in 2000 the old small building was demolished partly and another two storied building was constructed and named ‘Crowley Bhavan’ and Generalate was transferred there in 2000. In 2006 the third four storied building was constructed and named ‘Rose Bernard Building’. In 2019 a house was bought in Tejkunipara and started to serve the young girls named as ‘St. Mary’s College Hostel’. Some fund for buying the hostel was raised from every SMRA convent and from few local donors and the major part of the cost was managed by the Congregation. Respectively, Most Rev. Archbishop Michael Rozario, Most Rev. Archbishop Paulinus Costa and later Most Rev. Cardinal Patrick D’ Rozario, csc gave permission to build the houses.


Apostolate of the Sisters:Sisters in Mary House are involved in following apostolate:

  1. Teaching :Since the 1953 the Sisters have been teaching in Tejgaon Catholic Primary School. Through the invitation of the Archdiocese the Sisters started to serve in Kafrulsince 1977.Since 1972 by the invitation of Holy Cross Fathers the SMRA Sisters have been teaching in Notre Dame Literacy Primary school. In 2017 teaching in the Notre Dame Literacy School was discontinued. This year one Sister is serving in the Bottomely Home KG School.
  2. National and Archdiocesan Institution : Some Sisters have been serving in different institutions and commissions for many years, like: three Sisters in Archbishop’s house, two in Banani Major Seminary, one in Archdiocesan Youth Commission, one in Laity Commission, one in CCP, one in NFP. Sisters always try to maintain mutual understanding with the parish priests and directors of the institutions and give service in the parish pastoral work.
  3. Nursing : Four Sisters have been rendering service in different nursing schools: Two of them in the MirjapurKumudini Hospital since 1988 and one in Aesha Memorial Nursing School since 2014. One Sister is the Matron in the John Vianny Hospital since 2019.
  4. Jagoroni Jute Handicrafts Center: In 1972 by the financial cooperation of Caritas Bangladesh, this center was founded by Archbishop T.A. Ganguly, csc. Since 1972 two Sisters have been serving there to empower the disabled girls and widows. Last year 2019 this center has been transferred to Bottomley Home Orphanage by Archdiocese of Dhaka.
  • Mary’s Girls’ College Hostel, Tejgaon: Last year in 2019, a three storied building was purchased and made into a hostel to serve the Catholic young girls who study in different colleges. Two Sisters stay there to take care of the girls.
  • Pastoral Ministry :Sisters have been providing quality education and giving spiritual, moral formation to the students. They also take care of the hostel girls. Some Sisters give pastoral service in the parish: catechesis class, take care of altar boys/girls, YCS, PushpaSongha, Marian Songha, CCP, liturgical service in the parish. Some retired Sisters are involved in family ministry and prayer ministry.