St. Mary’s Convent, Jamalkhan

St. Mary’s Convent, Jamalkhan

St. Mary’s Mission Praimary School is located in the small town of Jamaldhan in Chittagong. Although this school is a mission school run by Chittagong Dharmapradesh, children of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian religions can study here.There are about 2,000 children in two shifts up to the fifth grade, including nursery and K, G. There are 20 to 25 Christian boys and girls and a total of 52 teachers of all religions.The school was run by the Canadian Holy Cross Sisters about 30 years ago.The school has been run by the general public for the past 30 years since the Holy Cross Sisters left.

Towards the end of 1997, the Reverend Bishop Theotnius Gomez, on behalf of the CSC Bangladesh Bishops’ Association, called upon the SMRA Association to take charge of the school.He spoke to Sister Mary Pratir of the Congregation and urged the church to take on this responsibility if necessary.

At the same time she requested to send the revered Sister Mary Petra to Jamalkhana as an experienced headmistress who would be able to run the school properly.When Sister General discussed with the Reverend Archbishop about this new task in Chittagong Dharmapradesh, he also agreed to take up this responsibility. At the same time, Patriarch D’Rosario, Bishop of Chittagong Dharmaprada, personally requested the CSC.

At the urging of the higher echelons of the church, God willing, on February 8, 1997, the Sisters of the Queen Mary’s Companions Association came to Jamalkhan to take charge of St. Mary’s Primary School.The former headmistress’s small residence upstairs on the south porch of the school’s two-story building was the beginning of the monastery life of three newcomers to the Queen Mary’s Companions of the Apostles.

The bishop arranged all the daily necessities including the small chapel of the ashram.Among the three sisters in the first group, Ms. Mary was the causal and treasurer, and Ms. Mary Mala was the office assistant. Revered Bishop Patrick D’Rosario was the Dharmapala of Chittagong Province at the time of the establishment of this Ashram. Father Sebastian Tedesco SX was the Pastor of CSC, Jamalkhan Parish and Sister Mary Preeti SMRA was the organizer.

Main service work.

The main motivating activity of Jamalkhan Ashram is school management i.e. providing joyful service to the children. St. Mary’s School is known as a very good school in Chittagong. In two shifts, from seven in the morning to four in the afternoon, the sisters of the morning and day branches have to be busy with school work. From the very beginning, the sisters have been performing their duties well with the sincere help and cooperation of all the locals. Everyone is happy to have sisters.

Other charitable activities of Jamalkhan Ashram.

Despite the busy schedule of the school, the sisters of Jamalkhan Ashram take part in various activities of the Dharmapalli as much as possible.For example, a Christian group consists of a sister who visits different areas, prays with the people, and meets with them once a month.

In the Children and Youth Commission, two sisters work as advisors and hold meetings. They also take part in various seminars and development activities at the same time.He who runs the ashram serves as a member of the Dharmapalli Parishad. A sister is a constant helper in the Dharmapalli worship committee.

He taught music to boys and girls and worked in the church. In addition to this work, everyone takes turns visiting the family and praying with them. With the help of the local people and the priests, the Sisters are expanding into the kingdom of the Lord by providing joyful service in this new work.